New web app

| September 7th, 2012

Starting up a project for a client, and its time to break out the Ruby on Rails again. Its been a while since Ive bothered with it, and naturally its moved along to the point where I dont recognize half of it.

So far:

For hosting, still debating. Trying out Engine Yard at the moment. Unclear what the best hosting route is at the moment: bare metal? Specialized host? Not sure. Id love something that I can just get capistrano to push to, but thats  a programmers preference and not based on business need (rather, cost).

Up on deck: flesh out user auth on the code side. Mock up some user stories on the design side.

Narrate Your Work

| September 7th, 2012

The David Winer “Narrate Your World” business might be a good way of organizing what I’m thinking these days.

Trying out Windows Live Writer on the PC to do this. Maybe trial out MarsEdit to give it a platform-specific app on the Mac.

Taking the resume site down for now, seeing as it’s not currently required; still figuring out what to blog on, so this site will sit a little idle for a while.